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Should alliance size be adjusted?Well, Degen could join Legends, Assassins and other corps and small alliances out there. But I disgress. This is not about making the game better. This is about trying to make everyone
Should alliance size be adjusted?So one corp left their alliance (one of the top 2 on Unity btw) and now they want to try to convince Spellbook to ignore the game's sandbox nature and "adjust" game rules to suit that corp
Corporation CP 1
Future Gold MergeNo. Eww, no!
Map expansionCan't be done without a lot of changes to the client and server code.
How about this idea?Or like Vorlon ships from Babylon 5.
Moon phases on TiBReavers!
"Connection Failed - No Network Available"I use an S2 with Android 4.4.4 and TIB works fine. It has to do with the Android version rather than the device. I believe version 4.0.3 is the minimum requirement for TIB. Either peste
"Connection Failed - No Network Available"If I was the sysadmin/netadmin at work, I'd whitelist the commonly used ports (rather than IP addresses) and drop connections from the rest.
One auction houseOr just don't merge and stay "done with it".
One auction houseOf course, Grey server would gain absolutely nothing by having access to the Unity auction house, right? Right? Of course, elite and termi unlocks cannot be sold via AH -- perhaps on
bug or yet to determineChat screen? Sure it wasn't a trade screen?
AH Changes & Events & RoidsThe staff said that they plan to do away with BoE altogether in summer.
Inventory Toggle On/Off.I recall that Ozy has said that not sending inventory lists can be done, but only after everyone switched to the Unity3D-based client. I blame the iOS client for that. Don't ask me why.
Ingame issues that aren't being addressed.Yes.