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ConsolidationWtf... he just got 100k for the TIB X thing. How much do you really thinks involved in the code for RON... Press black dots..... Do a kickstarter to revitalize Ron. Id back that
game still work?Need android or android emulator for PC
ConsolidationHow about dont abandon Ron and give us some of the love that TIB always recieves. Lack of updates and changes has driven people away so we should just follow to TIB like sheep. How wo
RON unity - 15 months laterPm me in game if u need a corp
RON unity - 15 months laterPm me in game if u need a corps
RON unity - 15 months laterWell would a rings of night expansion be out of the question? We do appreciate u keeping the game running of course but if both run at a loss why is everything always about the infinite bl
RON unity - 15 months laterOh i love how the forum sub topic of suggestions and ideas got removed. Just general and tech support. How ironic. So general talking... or if theres a tech problem... thats it
RON unity - 15 months laterLast i heard they shitcanned unity for ron coz apparently we didnt want it and its not worth there resources if its not really wanted
Anyone still play?Yer still ppl around. Just depends on timezone normally. How can we spread the message of RON! Sick of living in TIBs shadow. Still see a few new faces but would be nice to see a big influ
new features?Hahahahaha Rings of night forums... where hopes and dreams come to die.
gear combosJust sit at earth and examine people that come and go to get a feel for things. Also ask in server
RON - Unity Version or Even an update from the modsFrom my little chats with mods they arent doing the unity client as theres no enough player interest and not worth the development time. I have asked about new content or changes but thos
Any chance of corp changes?Title. Maybe a corp bank? I try to collect gear to help ppl but takes up a lot of room and have to allow for garri gear in case of a bust. Would be handy to have a safe place for stuff and
Technician and stunYer we do a lot of ppl use them when farming or busting
RoN FuTuReAny news when we will see some form of changes? Also rizzo made a good point which i commented on in the new ideas section