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Kickstarter Progress UpdateWhen is TIBX coming out? Been lurking.
special events threadBest idea yet! Bump! But how did this get derailed into carrier tanks again?
BD value increasing, credit value decliningGreat idea Quack!
BD value increasing, credit value decliningI think everyone believes both the NPC population as well as BD drop ratio could increase a bit. However, doing corporation or alliance Rift invasions and dispersing them amongst the cr
BD value increasing, credit value decliningIn regard to the devalued credits, a new ship, or ability to upgrade or even buy individual BD perks for credits instead of BDs might be a an option. BD Menu - Credit Purchases Ind
Concept: Paired Weapons and Specials w/ CAVEATSThanks howlin!
BD value increasing, credit value decliningI agree about the limitations on use of credits, and thanks for the reply. There needs to be more uses for credits aside from the Auction House, Starports, and buyimg ships at Planets.
BD value increasing, credit value decliningTo address the OP. Herein lies some of the issues and a couple of solutions. Solution: All BOE gear is now coded as regular gear and unbound. People keep the item or sell. 1 But now, g
Concept: Paired Weapons and Specials w/ CAVEATSThis is Rakk, I've been around for 5 years with Whalesong/Spellbook and have an amazing amount of regard for both many of my friends within TIB who have been like family to me, as well as
Assassin engine noiseSounds like Ozzy should offer you some time on the TIB Development Project, coding stuff is the hardest and most time consuming thing in getting TIB to be a better more well developed game
Spellbook might possibly get banned from SteamYep
The Infinite Black Assistant [1.0b]Any new versions of this?
The Infinite Black Assistant [1.0b]I like it, thank you, a minute or two of work is something I don't need to deal with now. Nice automation.
Weeeeeeee..... Now it's really unity.Maybe what I wrote made a little bit of sense.
TIB News and Server MergeThank you Ozzy, this is what I wrote about just a few nights ago. I whole heartedly agree this is the right move.