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TIB server down again without warningI knew it! My wife put you up to this right?
Server Down!Yep, dead as a doornail this morning.
Insert Dramatic Title HereWell, the server is dead from my house this morning, I think you guys killed TIB :)
UPDATE 1.5.1 Special Icons not showing
wyrd invader, flagship.Or bump them up. Reaper same as a despo.
BOE ItemsOnly on special events do you get boe drops these days. You can skull them though.
New Ship OutfitterJust saw this, works great thank you!
Two Server PolicyI like all of it. Some way to optionally combine accounts would be good though if this went on a regular cycle.
Red + Blue + Green Server MergeShould add a straight forward poll function to the web site rather than the who can post more obnoxiously system. I'd vote for the 500 member cap w/hc included, 8 garry's deployed.
Bd saleI agree, do the merge or cancel the merge. As with all economics, this biggest wet blanket is uncertainty.
Am I the only one pumped for the new server?I suspect you won't be alone. There will a static base that will stay on the old servers, newer players will gravitate to the new one. Hopefully it will attract a lot of new players, I'm n
FOR LOVE OF TIB TELL US MERGER RULESiOS version is out, hopefully we'll hear more soon!
The Infinite Black - v1.4.8
New Player Observations; Warning: Text-IntensiveAt that point RGB and Grey would merge, then maybe at some point that would merge with Gold after a new server started and on goes the cycle. Or something like that. "a beginning is a
The Infinite Black - v1.4.8Was the ios pulled back, or are we looking for 1.4.6?