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Please let rogues walk thru friendliesLock up enemy fighter with tank. Shadow step in behind with rogue wearing bow. Wait one. Turn and shoot another target in the back or side. Or simply transport a squad of rogues in behind
Bring the hatersCasino
Fighters and Paladins...Making target of taunt turn towards you is logical. Having an angry paladin turned your way is uncomfortable though. At what range will this taunt work?
[CURIOUS / OT] Can forum mods see who thumbed a post?Just curious.
Bring the hatersLol there's like five people asking for loot. Just psscht a heinie and ignore.
Weapons/wands/item dropsWhat was the question?
racesLich can make fart sounds and female giants and golems giggle.
Weapons/wands/item dropsSrsly after three sub quotes it's hard to tell what someone is referring to. I'm not being picky, I'm saying that if you don't crop your quotes your post is just lost in the white noice of
Weapons/wands/item dropsDoes anyone in this community know what"crop your quotes" mean?
[Discussion] max fighter lvl restriction to mapsCreate an economy within your account. Use higher lvl fighters to grind silvers for gearing up lower level fighters so that they can take on boss npcs. Also the occasional loot level will
rarity drop rates?Wts heroic fighters for 58-68k silvers a pop.
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rarity drop rates?Have you tried playing with uc/common gear? Ask SomeGuy of his experience in that field, he might have a hint or two. (the highest lvl player in the game)
Chat Channel BlockingI have no idea what you're talking about
Archer got some, how about the trusty wingman WarriorThe crucial difference between the rogue and the warrior is that the warrior wields two morningstars and hit for 1.5k while the rogue hits for 800 on a good day. Maybe not grant the warrio