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Dire artwork is pretty cool - try fighting with it on again!The advantage to low power mode when in a tough fight is hard to combat, but if you are just tooling around for fun, don't forget to turn on the graphics. You can get some pretty cool look
What is in a name?I fuckin’ KNEW IT! I’ll hyu tomorrow, Bri. Xoxoxo
Dire BR/Extra PVP ModeTraining PVP sounds useful for when new players actually show up someday again (he prays) BR mode sounds like what we tried to do when we wanted to fight each other for fun in fight clu
What is in a name?Lukin... Lukin... sounds familiar. What was your IGN?
What is in a name?Raistlin Majere from Dragonlance books, but spelled like the free letters in Wheel of Fortune because one day I noticed those letters said my man’s name.
Have a good one TIB and SpellBookPeace out, Haidric. -Ghost Rstln
HUP ruined this gameI'm mad at Perp because, due to his antics I've been forced - just to maintain personal integrity - to agree with HUP players. It became WAY more annoying to watch perp in world chat than
Bug: Level 21+ maps won't show in filtersIf you filter your inventory by type (ie, treasure map) you won't see level 21 maps due to the inherited "max level 20" filter that is apparently default applied.
Changes before tibXI imagine he's still talking about the change that makes it so you can pass outside guards just by hitting them, without having to beat them.
GH guard system favors end game playersGame allows guards anywhere level 10 , so that's not really true.
GH guard system favors end game playersI think that mechanic was a good one. I agree bringing that back would be useful.
Credit for deities only goes to who 'hits' the deityIs this by design? If you co-op a deity you don't get credit if you aren't the one that 'attacks' it?
My top requests#3 for sure. Good ones, sarg
Please have chats in Events tab go nowhereLike Team chat when you aren't in a fight. Currently it goes to World chat.
The last days of RomeI was coming to the forums to write a similar thing. It's beyond boring now. I get that development is stretched thin, but there has been ZERO updates, ZERO changes. There haven't even bee