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Old Infinite BlackI miss the old forum format!
Garrison Clusters With Enemy AllianceThen I would suggest we need a better map with more dead-end 8-9 sector areas available for cluster formation.
Carriers broke the game?sounds funs and almost similar to RON busting lol
Murder IncBest nickname ever. Turds
The counter. loooool
The TANK special with no gun, vs Garrison perks.One has to wonder, how come HS didn't come up with terminus setups to roll with? We used to roll murder back in the day, before all the gear nerfs, before xx garries, before carriers, be
Nova CP^^^ All nova vs all nova fvf next time for fun. lets do it old red server style. No grappling just stand and fight lol. That should be fun.
Ideas on new perks / rules for GarrisonsI like the idea of 2nd or 3rd tier to existing perks. Call it perk elite 1 elite 2 etc
Carriers broke the game?Yes, close it. It's clearly not going anywhere and personal attacks worse than the one that warranted another closed thread recently are running rampant.
Suggestion: respond to threads instead of closing them.This is a really good word of advice. I made a mistake I suppose by using an insensitive metaphor. I'm usually not a disrespectful person. But, I wonder if you could keep this advice i
Carriers broke the game?Bamf can still roll hs without em so why spend more money to copy tactic? At the end of the day, I do applaud the ingenious counter to bamfs defense. Theres only 2 ppl from bamf in
Carriers broke the game?Thank you.
Carriers broke the game?I cry for standing rock. I barely log into tib, but it sure is fun to get you going. I hope you have a better day Lukin. Take care!
Carriers broke the game?The ship is called a carrier. How can you sit there and say they weren't intended for anything? Ok player, keep telling yourself that!
Carriers broke the game?It was in response to you.