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PvP tournament serverForgot to say the tournament server opens temp and not often maybe twice a week with opens for 6 ish hrs N goes down pays out. Gives notice of opening repeat.. This has a
PvP tournament serverIV said it before last try On current tib issues IV thought hard about, i m not gunna repeat my rant on why tib is goin downhill U can read that in the PLEASE ALL READ posts.. Tib
Server Down!Step 1. Locate power cord Step 2. Locate power outlet Step 3. Connect them MOFO together please
Please all read..For people still replying.. My point was about no nubs retaining .. Caused by current tib tweaks and how unity conducts it's game play. No nubs no market..ATM IV watched leg N lower rarity
Please all read..So I just popped bk on to read my hate mail... So ALOT quit I hear.. I just here to say I F'ing told yas.. It's not that bloody hard realise .. RETURN BK TO MULTI SERVER .. HA
Please all read..Without going deep .. Merry Xmas to U all.. Best wishes
Please all read..Hey guys.. I'm quit FYI..
Please all read..No quite the opposite is my feeling.. I feel as though game tweak since rbgg has lost numbers and retention.. And the issue is caused by both the tib PvP system of unity and the way twe
Please all read..You guys twisting it now.. This was about y people r not staying.. Why newbies leave..why long termers leave.. Don't twist it. Still my same point..there's bs aplenty going on ATM
Please all read..I agree mostly to all of that... Providing a second server to current unity is not a noob server.. If a second server exists it opens up play options, merchant , server transfer gives
Please all read..Lol.. Ik . It's a real issue and I would like it addressed.. The point can go as far as the known cash selling of gear..mass fvf produces cp., CP via bully lowers into having buy their
Please all read..Guys making comments but U r making same point but I see it as bad tib.. Few makes comments join HS N bamf Alli r stepping stones.. What crap.. Via Ozzy tweaks and HS N bamf style
Please all read..Exactly only option is HS or bamf bs option.. Game needs more..newbies r must any server..who buys U UC r ur N leg gears? Newbies..this effects all tib via top tier are to well protected b
Please all read..So no newbies on unity..U all gunna milk CP on fvf N kill the others off tib untill gold mergers then watch the gap grow till they over it and harassing this same point?
Please all read..What relivants is that if guys r not staying and or quiting anyway.. We not talking a few..there's ALOT already gone.. Heaps... If it continues U will be fighting same two Ali vrs each ot