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New mapI knew it I'm surrounded by assholes. Dont be trying to hijack my post pal. This is about a new map. Idgaf if it's ozy and 1 other person also Im really not worried about tibx either.
New mapAbout that new map.......
New mapLet's change it up a bit. Been flying around the same old map for some time now. I do understand that there will be no updates or new stuff for tib. That's what tibx is for. But seeing how
New Multiwindow ApksDon't know why I waited so long to try these out. Works great. Thank you.
New Multiwindow ApksIs there a current working link for the apks?
Idea for HDI understand that you are busy on TIBX..... You did however say "next week"...... So how about now we do something with it?
UpdatesGlad to hear. I would rather have a good game as well. Ozy Imo you just need to give updates and info more often. Leaving peeps in the dark is not good for anyone.
Lets get another event going!2x resource loot drop bonus in gray and/or in black would be great too.
New eventSeems pretty slow at the moment. BR doesn't seem to get to much attention or seem to draw many to login. I would ask for a 2x cp, 2x xp in and out of invasions, double resource drop for
BR modeThere is a bunch of repeat one star reviews from multiple people.
Expansion UpdatesWill you post some pics of the working server you have thus far? Folks would love to see it. To clarify when you say nearish future can you put a date or a month on that?
Merge us alreadyI would argue that TIB is in fact not dead, killed nor ruined. I enjoy it and I welcome changes. If you don't like it or don't enjoy playing it gtfo then
Idea for HDThought I'd bring this back up. Been over half a year. Ozy you said you would do something with this. Another idea. Or go with the other ones mentioned. Maybe 5 to hit for x amo
Imbalance in fvf issueAs the title suggests there is a problem with imbalance during large fvf. During tonight's pew of 200 vs 200 cp was given less than 50% of the time. The people were cp worthy and shou
Grey server fvfOn the night of Dec 8th grey server got together and had a huge fvf. SS and Dynasty joined forces to pew against Hitsquad and Venom who also joined forces. The battle was around 200 vs 200