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:strike LStrikes make it 690% easier for me and the other ''bankai clones''. And now you say how much skill typing :strike L takes.. smh. I mean, have you seen a strike dump hunt? 2-3 ships. Not bo
:strike LYou just made my point clear. Some dumb weak farmers killing a hunt stack that is geared to kill just coz they passively type strikes. And farmers don't get wiped out without strikes. I
:strike LHow are you still not getting it.. If you killed the attackers by fighting them, that would be something else. You typing :strike L 5 times and saying, "Bois we killed 11, they suck". That
Expansion Update & ScreenshotsWtb ulti Hx2.
:strike LThat makes no sense... You're telling me that you'll avoid death against a hunt stack with beams/hooks/bfgs and 2-3 techs just coz you strike? No.. what actually happens is the hunt crew d
:strike LWhy is everything so personal with you? Look at it from a broader perspective. You can't seriously tell me you don't see strikes as a problem. All your argument is based on 'you're wrong b
:strike LI'd love to see it removed. Nerf is fine too, but making ppl type the cords..ehh.. sure it'll be awkward at first, but you'll get used to it, so it's not really a solution.
:strike LI said this long before and I know people still primarily use this as a an easy method to win vs a bigger or better fleet. Right now the easiest way to hunt is have a few beams in stack, s
Need for speedI noticed that too. x22 is too perfect. Gives same speed reduction as rift guns. And both these storages are primarily used for 2.0 hook sets where hit matters more than Eva. x03 defini
Unblock Kieran’s Ship Outfitter IPIs it blocked? I can still access it.
Old playersUnless there's a sp on the garrison, or the entire alliance is asleep, XX garrisons are impossible to roll right now. A volley of 5 back-to-back novas can kill any bust fleet with 4-5
EventsGuys. BOE event. I have no progress atm unless I get a friggin BOE viper. WTT 2k bds for a BOE event. Get your bds. DO IT SPELLBOOK!
EventsGive us a BOE event plz. Vipers and BCs can't be skulled. And I've been looking for a viper for months now. No one's selling.
My Thoughts on SchoolyardI'm starting to get the vibe that the entire community despises change at its very core and use any bs excuse necessary to make sure nothing changes. Ever. That post almost makes it seem l
STILL AGAINST WEEKEND EVENTI can't speak for entire HS, but here's my reason. I am sick and tired of waking up at 2am, waiting 1 hour for everyone to fleet up, then go 2 rounds after which Dyn calls a GG coz either