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A Survey about the TIB Expansion!some items on the survey are so petty in comparison they shouldn't exist as things to prioritize against others for example, Accelerate on/off toggle wouldn't be an appropriate item to
KILL OG CLIENTSI think I found one too, and again this thread was created in response to it, but this thread gets all the attention cuz the caps lock was on lol
KILL OG CLIENTSthe tib interface is much more touchscreen-friendly in pvp. better off not trying to pinpoint the mouse on each entity / button for every action when the speed of reaction determines resul
KILL OG CLIENTSI was wondering the same but there's 2 flaws in that: 1. alts do apply mutually to all clients -- though some clients are more alt-friendly than others (and some more SCRIPT friendly th
client update complications could potentially be overOP updated, and naysayers, I'm throwing the urban dictionary at you. No-Brainer Something so obvious to be correct/appropriate, that it requires no contemplation to decide on. I hav
KILL OG CLIENTSgiven that original android client is the most popular amongst android clients by... about 3x? and that the original iOS client is about... 5x LESS popular than iOS unity, wouldn't it be a
client update complications could potentially be overI could be the one who's wrong on the following point, and I'm too lazy to search for the statement, but as I recall, the problem is the original iOS client cannot be updated because we no
client update complications could potentially be for click-shy people, and for the lack of image support on this forum, I have copied EXACT text from the website, with minor formatting correction so it doesn't appear
Garrison & Engagement Balancecan we have a temporary engagement half-dura loss period to test out the adjusted mechanics? perhaps 3 days or a week
Murder Incturd stink always welcomed with open arms anyone who would lie cheat and/or steal -- so long as said ppl were kicked for it at least 3x. rats nest of rejects-of-the-rejects vote me d
PSA: forum etiquettethere are many forums that already have this, it's been many years since I was last a forum mod, can't remember the tools very well but if they're isn't a simple toggle for it, the others
carrier deflector proposals (only!)this thread is NOT for nova discussion previously i had put this in another thread but it got skimmed past in the heat of multi topics n qq vendettas, but, the day ya dont get trolled o
+100 Hit vs Evasion BugI've been on the bitter end of this "bug" for probably 6 months since I first started trying high hit chance sets may I ask for a follow-up on what exactly is going on here? cuz either
PSA: forum etiquettecuz 2 pennies are better than one dollar.
PSA: forum etiquettethere's no "off topic" forum and this isn't "fiction or lore" so here we go. for the love of god, gods, no god or gods REMOVE OLD QUOTES WITHIN QUOTES WITHIN QUOTES when replying to peop