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Server Merge: Same account different server.Thanks guys, much appreciated. In answer to the other question, no I cant log on to the same account on red and blue simultaneously.
Server Merge: Same account different server.Seems crystal clear. An opaque crystal that's covered in crud, but...
Server Merge - SoonCan someone point me to details about what happens post merger if you have the same character on red and blue servers. It's been explained to me but still clear as mud to my addled brain
Server Merge: Same account different server.OP specifically mentioned green and grey servers - same deal with (say) red and blue characters?
Server Merge - SoonHow's about a free transfer window? Anyone on grey who wants to join in but QQ about 100bds can then come find a corp on black to amaze with their magnificent presence for free. I ca
Roll CallI can't read the word Iowa without it coming into my head as a noise that Prince made in his purple era Wales here. (And how many can't help but think of sea mammals when they read that
Blackjack at the Garrisons: The Infinite CafeWell, you can checkout any time you want...
game balance and steam greenlitI'd like to second that. And add that there are plenty of tossers on rgb too.
Your first corpWOW, some old players, corps and alliances mentioned there that I'd (almost) forgotten... Forgive me if any of this is vague (or inaccurate) as I am now officially ancient and have done m
game balance and steam greenlitMaybe we can post this thread Steam and there will be a deluge of new players
Older devicesKies doesn't upgrade the GT-P1000 to gingerbread, so I will have to root it and flash it and etc etc. Bugger
game balance and steam greenlitIt's great that Steam have agreed to list TiB, but don't expect to get crushed in the rush of new players. Don't get me wrong, TiB is the best phone game I've ever played and I do play it
Older devicesTib doesnt show up at all when i search play with my galaxy tab :( i've now reread some older threads and realise google have made it inaccessible to devices under 2.3 i know womeone w
Older devicesHI all For those of us who want to use a device running an older android, can someone please point at an older apk that still functions? Ta
The Infinite Black - Update v1.1.0I think my short term solution is to not hard reset the device. Once the old client ceases to operate, I will remove it and reset. Shame really, as the chat interface on unity is poore