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Destroying Resources In Guild HallThis would be great, make gems or basic crafts specific to world map and immobile. this creates a market - I love it
Easter Long Weekend Event? (Friday 14th, Saturday 15th, Sunday 16th)Any chance that there is an event coming up? Couple random ideas - - 2x exp, plain, simple, and very enjoyable for most. ( my favorite :D ) - increased drop rates/respawn rate of i
Possible Human Perks?This has been up for 5 days, seems it doesn't concern many people. Humans should stay as is, then :D
boats go to different portsNice idea, it's like world travel - which already exists, but plays a fun role. imagine getting chased in PvP then running to a random map. :p Also like the idea of guild controlled te
Auto Party Dungeon Queues - Can this be a thing?You know how many popular games, WoW, FF14, etc, have Random Pug style groups you can go do raids with? Can we get a level bracketed random dungeon queue? lvl 1 - 5, 6 - 10, 11 - 15, 16
convert to hc95% of all Hardcore units are all humans > with no racial benefits. while you stated you have many units, including vampires and succubus's? you feel that these don't compare to a stand
Feedback - First Impressions (8hr)Nice opinion on crafting ^^; more low tier nodes may be a solution to the current issue. But then again, once the game is more fleshed out and the activity levels of players are greater, t
Quality of Life - RelicsIt's just a thought, not like it has to be implemented at all - just seeking the communities opinion on how they feel about it - and you as the leader of the current leading guild, ofcours
Quality of Life - Quick TravelPerfect ~ Great to know - Figured something was in the works, thanks for clarification!
In regards to the Hardcore Transmution!Great ^^ Sounds perfect. Thanks for responding!
Quality of Life - RelicsRelics are pretty solid buffs, once used entirely on a hero, they can gain a whopping 2.0 bonus stat if the relic is a base of 0.4 But, not all relics are equal, or even near as decent, a
Quality of Life - InventorySimilar to Quick travel, scrolling through multitudes of items can get very blurred and simply frustrating trying to filter items you want to sell, use, or scrap. It only gets worse the mo
Quality of Life - Quick TravelCan the Quick travel bar receive some love? it's very troublesome and straining to scroll through the list in search of particular zones. Simple option -> add a search bar, so we can t
Hardcore itemization - is this possible without seperate servers?You're certainly right, it's not for beginners to start with, but it should be an option! Just like any other game. You can begin at hardcore at your own choice, or it's unlocked after 1
In regards to the Hardcore Transmution!This could Be a good solution, perhaps upon using the potion it removes 5 levels per ascension. This way you still need in the very least, 150k exp from 15>20 to ascend if you used it a