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RON unity - 15 months laterI realise i am just a nooblet around here. My playstyle is extreme carebear. But, i would like to say something. When i played tib. I was a part of murder in WAY back when they first mo
Anyone still play?I have been bouncing online a few times per day for about three days now at various times of the day/night. Been asking to join a corp, or just say hi. All i ever see are maybe 5 differe
New ship/specialSo, just cause you do not like the idea we do not deserve it Mr. Noob? Please forgive me for trying to suggest anything that would make the game more interesting to a wider variety of game
New ship/specialAfternoon everyone. I would like to put forth my idea for a new ship class. I have wanted this since my earliest days in TiB. What i would propose is a True Carrier class. Now hold on. Thi
new ship ideasI thought people who were coming to play ron wanted to play a different game? Wanted something new? So far all this is a tib with a non pvp aspect to it up until a certain point. Instead o
new ship ideasWell i was thinking the zpecialty hulls would have multiple modules that only they can use. So instead of getting say a flagship worth x ep and being a jack of all trades. You can buy a ch
new ship ideasWell we can agree to disagree. Cause i have been in several corps. And generally everyo e says the same thing. Build ships x,y,z and mostly everyone does with a few variations. You want pv
new ship ideasWhile this is lile tib. I would personally like to see more ship depth other than what we have been doing for years with lil tweaks here and there. Ozy and stqff. You are great btw. Just w
new ship ideasI know this is not dun say this is not tib. One of the things i have always liked about space combat and watching anime and other such things. Is watching a carrier luanch dozen or