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schoolyard thingThis would be a problem imo, What happens when one corp gets all the tib drivers or all the techs and all the hooks? What happens when some people who don't play nice go in and steal all
Why half of TIB's playerbase does not support schoolyard pvpThe main issue here, is if hs is allowed to just do this whenever they feel, there will be no negotiating for smaller alliances to get pew. The only way to satisfy the problem imo, is t
TIB-X Map Design Contest #1
Expected release date?What you are asking about is lead vision, if your a super officer in your corporation you have this vision for your corp mates, and if your a lead you have this for all members of your all
Combat Points and ComputersI personally would love to see a small chance (maybe 5% or 10%) for computers made from cp to be boe. I believe this will encourage more pvp, as well as drive the price for cp up a little
STRIKES DURING GARRISON ENGAGEMENTSTbh, the only thing I think is broken about the mechanics, an alliance with enough strikes doesn't even need to try to defend, using strikes and novas seems like such a cheap way to win a
What do we what from TIB in the new year?You mean to say a world boss event?
What do we what from TIB in the new year?Implementation of the :faction feature
What do we what from TIB in the new year?What if there are 3 layers, pvp is disabled in the bottom one, and the black is plagued with more invys then weve seen. EDIT: Or even disabled pvp in the top layer, with npcs too strong
tradeAlso, how will i give my spy met money in pvp if i cant trade him?
tradeLol, we would accept the trade if people accepted it :)
Tech specialMy main was a tech pure for 2 years of my career when we were in a smaller alliance, and now after 4ish years im only level 90 because i decided to start gunning. Yes, techs need some sor
Evasion sets ....waste of money?Lets just go back to sliders and I respect everyone over.