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Expansion update?We are all sick and tired of waiting for TIB-X when it was said to be out a year ago, but no matter how much we want it nothing we can say here will make ozy code any faster.. We just g
wonder what effectTech Timers are wonderful in RON..but would be useless and awful in TIB..its just not setup like that.
Thehive hitsquad...saga!Lol thats awesome, you gotta make more of those
To Ozy in regards to the current event plz readIf you don't spend RL crash and no is rather hard to get a stealth and a good hull/hold, would be about 2 million credits and for a lvl 35 in the smallest of the 3 main alliances
Found the theme song for the new tib commercialHow come ozy doesn't do commercials? I Googled on how much it would cost, only about 200 - 1.5k dollars.. should do it during the late night news..would definitely be cool Like the song
Tonight's schoolyardIf you guys think getting slaughtered in PvP is fun we should do this every weekend! (;
Why half of TIB's playerbase does not support schoolyard pvpWhy most everything be so complicated...
Battle royale weekendI thought BR wasn't gonna be available until he updated it
Kickstarter Progress UpdateYeah if its possible/easy alot of people would like it...tho the original name should always be avoid spys and stuff. And Thank You For The Updates Ozy!
Kickstarter Progress UpdateLets name him Dave.
UpdatesYeah..none of us want a rushed game...tho I agree with GreenG, Even if you show us a screen shot of 1 new ship icon every few days it would be much appreciated
What is in a name?The L in my name stands for the first letter of my real name TheMightyLiam ..Yes its kinda cheesy but I like it (-=
Have a good one TIB and SpellBookMay the force be with you!