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NEW EVENT plzA new event would be definitely appreciated! @Ozy @Mythra
A New Event IdeaUsing the term SchoolYard isn't probably the best thing to call this, because of the past history with ShoolYard PvP. But besides that this idea seems pretty cool, and with a few things t
To OzyMoney won't dry up for a VERY long while. And lets just say it did, Ozy would just work for himself, as he has said in a previous post, and he almost is now. And RoN sever is still up ri
To OzyThere is literally so many things wrong with this I don't even know where to start. But probably the best way to respond to this is in 3 very simple words. OH HELL NO.
Labor Day Event?Do you hear that?...thats the sound of being ignored. Btw, Hurpy Burpy Briz.
TIB ThemeMy ears are bleeding.
Update v1.1.05Rings Of Night does not have a list of gear no, nor does it have a properly working Wiki. But The Infinite Black has an armory and a ship outfitter that will let you see all the game gear
Welcome to the secret forums!Long story short, SpellBook doesn't like our opinions on anything anymore even though this game was built from our opinions. But seriously...can you blame them? We have really become a lo
Best quotes ever!"Move, or you will be moved" I like it because it could mean a lot of things.
One day event.This is a awesome idea!! We have had the same event for the past 5 months (not that anything is wrong with it) but we seriously could use a change.
anyone know of an app that tracks spaceball rolls?Nothing is truly random..but it can get pretty damn close.
GB FiX - The dead horseBest suggestion all month.
Expansion Update & ScreenshotsHe doesn't even have enough time for 1 Video Expect him to Fully update and take care of 3? Every game SB has made has potential, VRB just won't live upto it.
Expansion Update & ScreenshotsLeadHead does have a point tho..VR Boxing Kinda came outta no where (and ofc was a total fail instantly). Wether the rest is true or not..I don't see how anyone can misjudge A BETA by almo