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One day event.This is a awesome idea!! We have had the same event for the past 5 months (not that anything is wrong with it) but we seriously could use a change.
anyone know of an app that tracks spaceball rolls?Nothing is truly random..but it can get pretty damn close.
GB FiX - The dead horseBest suggestion all month.
Expansion Update & ScreenshotsHe doesn't even have enough time for 1 Video Expect him to Fully update and take care of 3? Every game SB has made has potential, VRB just won't live upto it.
Expansion Update & ScreenshotsLeadHead does have a point tho..VR Boxing Kinda came outta no where (and ofc was a total fail instantly). Wether the rest is true or not..I don't see how anyone can misjudge A BETA by almo
Expansion Update & ScreenshotsOzy hasn't given us an update in 2019 tbh..if TIB-X doesn't come out with a beta in the next month, I don't think this expansion was worth it. I would have rathered TIB2 at
Ozy, give me a reason to keep playing....So true. Lol
Nerf novas?This conversation is utterly and completely pointless. NOTHING Will change in this game before TIB-X comes out, Ozy can't even take 2 minutes of his time to give us an yall ACTU
New Multiwindow ApksUse them 90% of the time..i can't say how helpful these have been..Thank You!!!
Ozy, give me a reason to keep playing....Paying in small amounts is fun, but I never understood why people dump 3K on a game...your basically paying to complete it...doesn't that take the fun out of it a little?
can't see Profile portraits in game QQWorking fine for me..most be on your end.
Need more Credit Sink.Now now Girls..your both pretty now stop fighting. Nothing is gonna change on this game until TIB-X comes along..there are many issues that need to be fixed but if they aren't by then..TH
Carrier and flagshipI think Ozy is getting rid of that sorta thing for all ships in TIB-X
Expansion update?We are all sick and tired of waiting for TIB-X when it was said to be out a year ago, but no matter how much we want it nothing we can say here will make ozy code any faster.. We just g
wonder what effectTech Timers are wonderful in RON..but would be useless and awful in TIB..its just not setup like that.