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Cloak Delete and Character CustomizationHello Dire World. Just wanted to see if Ozy and his world feel that cloak delete on Vanity (Same as Helmet) would be nice. Since I have Vanity on 99% of my toons, during battle is looks
convert to hc@rearrow I don't see your confusion?!? Ascended non HC toons had zero risk of loss all the way to level 20. And now you want to convert them to HC? That's ludicrous! Ozy stated non a
In regards to the Hardcore Transmution!Thanks Ozy
In regards to the Hardcore Transmution!But if a Fighter ascends aren't they level 1? I think the same concerns apply. Can't the potion be made so that any ascends made while non HC are lost? That would solve my concerns.
Hardcore itemization - is this possible without seperate servers?It much easier to get items non HC. You can fight officers and leaders all day knowing if you get squad wiped, your only set back is a small repair fee...Fighting Officers and Leaders via
In regards to the Hardcore Transmution!I think the point he is trying to make is, There is no risk getting to lvl 20 and ascending with a non HC toon. You can grind your heart out versus mobs much higher than you knowing if you
Counterable Point-Blank weapons?Sounds Yummy.
Counterable Point-Blank weapons?I think this would make the point blank melee weapons much more desirable. I'm on the fence about countable versus ranged as well. That might be a little too powerful...but sounds tasty...
Hardcore itemization - is this possible without seperate servers?DC's will always be a risk. If that's something you are not willing to accept, then HC is not for those people it's going to frustrate. I'm willing to accept that while playing HC I will d
Hardcore itemization - is this possible without seperate servers?I agree that HC and non HC peeps should not be able to comingle in one squad. Also HC and non HC squads should not be allowed to follow each other. I also agree with items drop specifi
PvP and non PvP a delicate balance.Just make everyone Hardcore. No one should be exempt from the 10% exp loss. :)
hc and pveWell each death is also 10% exp loss. Non HC can farm all day and night and never worry about death.
The HC versus the non HC world.So run Non HC toons with no risk to outfit HC toons. I don't really see the downside to playing non HC. The stat gain isn't that extreme. And you can farm with non HC toons with no real th
PvP and non PvP a delicate balance.I agree with you, however my experience has been peeps who don't like pvp will leave, and in a sense they are a majority and needed for a healthy mmo community.
The HC versus the non HC world.But wont the HC toons loose the 10% exp? Versus a non HC having no risk?