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Kickstarterid like current tib to be updated tbh.
Encourage activity?As someone whos part of the dyn bust team, our team didnt come to be overnight. it took months of getting people to level and to make nova sets. While many in dynasty are busy leveling up
6 months and no new eventeveryone: can we get a new event? ozy: *removes all events* lol gg.
6 months and no new eventCan we get a new event? It could be the same as current one with more additions to it, or it could be different, or we could bring back BR? Just something to change it up please. thanks
today marks month 5 since any TIBX updates on the forums.Response from dev pls. Much appreciated
:strike LI wouldnt mind removing strikes or reducing their impact. You dont really need them and it just makes the game unfun. I mean sure it helps out the smaller guys but there are no small guys.
Old playersCurrent state of tib sucks. Ozy could make it better but chances are low. Im down for change if it makes things fun but comes down to something happening.
Nerf novas?I also said I'm open to other ideas. Reducing novas impact was just a thought. If theres a better solution, then I'm more than happy to have an alternative.
Nerf novas?See that's the thing. I'm not removing novas out of the equation. When I say nerf novas I'm not deleting them. You can have and use as many novas as you want. I just want their impact to b
Nerf novas?With current state of gbing 15 ships is necessary. Even without tanks, you would be foolish to think 10 ships even if termi dps would be able to scratch a xx garrison. Novas dont have
Nerf novas?Gbing will still be impossible because all you have to do is throw in 1 nova and then you can pop 1 attacker with just 2 bfgs if people dont go tanked. That would mean that it will literal
Nerf novas?its difficult to bust when we bring 15 ships lol. I dont see 10 working unless theres 10 mikas. Limiting novas... perhaps.
Nerf novas?I'm all game to any change as long as garrison busting doesnt depend on who has the most novas and isnt totally one-sided. Mods say everything will be ok on tibx but at the same time its d
Nerf novas?I know how you feel. Unfortunately that scenario is highly unlikely to happen lol. Lets be realistic and look for ideas that can actually balance it about. 3 recommendations that someone
Nerf novas?Im not saying to completely remove novas or nerf them to a point they dont work. I just think its unfair that 15 low level flayers with uncommon novas can stop 15 high level ultimate geare