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today marks month 5 since any TIBX updates on the forums.What's going on. Is there no TIBx? Has it been canceled? It's been 5 months since an update this is ridiculous. I paid $120 on the kickstarter and I have not gotten the beta testing or any
:strike LComing from someone who has always used the dirty strikestunning strat, I agree its overpowered and needs nerfed. With that being said, as long as it is in the game I'm going to do it beca
Expansion Update & ScreenshotsI also have to agree in the past few months we've seen more activity. Planned pews are now 100v100 whereas before they where only 80v80
New Multiwindow ApksNice work on the APKs. I use them whenever I can't get on the pc and want to roid with a tech available
2018 PVP Stats (Unity)Thank you!
annual pvp statspvp stats!!!!!
Annual PVP Stats (Links)Hey, when can we expect 2018 pvp stats?
Expansion update?Enough excuses, its been a good month or 2 since our last update. What's still left to do, whats been done?
STILL AGAINST WEEKEND EVENTI never said I wouldn't drive pvp anymore... I said I would never drive scheduled pvp anymore. Not unless server dynamics are more balanced. I did it for a while where dyn lost over and
STILL AGAINST WEEKEND EVENTTrust me not like I'm happy we have to call pew too. I miss driving the sceduled pews at the start when it was 140v140 and everything was balanced
STILL AGAINST WEEKEND EVENTWhy is hs so hard pressed towards schoolyard pew? They claim they want to shake things up. Why not come up with an event all allis are interested in doing that still shakes things up?
Why half of TIB's playerbase does not support schoolyard pvpHs can't respond to my points now so all they can do is throw ad hominens and character attacks now. Wow nice job. Yeah we clearly just wanna reduce fun, it has NOTHING to do with balancin
Why half of TIB's playerbase does not support schoolyard pvpIf you think asking to drop is a solution to imbalanced pew Cluub you know nothing about mains advantage. You didn't think I did that? Yall where asked to drop all the time. Not doing it a
Why half of TIB's playerbase does not support schoolyard pvpCapitalGains Wow nice ad hominen! You really destroyed all my arguments by a personal attack! Wow I'll never recover you really swept all my points away!
Why half of TIB's playerbase does not support schoolyard pvpLevel doesn't matter in pew? Laughable claim. The other stats show one alli is more active than the other. doesnt matter if u got more people if none log in.