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Nova damage proportional to levelLast flash back before unity......... ANYONE.... who was there should remember the constant rolling by bamf of every cluster in there!!! ANYONE wearing Bamf tags, shouldn't throw t
Nova damage proportional to level
New game up and running.......Thanks for the info, my original post was merely a question regarding the plans for Tib. It wasn't/isn't meant as a criticism and most definetely not a dig at your good selves. Questio
New game up and running.......
New game up and running.......Hey folks, now that your new venture is up and running, what's the plans for the old workhorse that got you there?? Seems the main concern was getting Dire out and running of late, from a
Garrison & Engagement BalanceFirstly, Happy New Year to EVERYONE!!! Changes to mechanics to counter higher levels and increase in dps as a result, in my mind is welcome. Hopefully as these changes take place we ca
Garrison Clusters With Enemy AllianceMap redesign required again then?? We have no suitable straight string cluster spots..... we made do with what we had, now that's not good enough?!? Instead of messing with the things we'v
Unity Server Map DesignNone of the alli's should be posting.... Period!! But, if that's the way it should be done.... Split map! Each Alli gets a section, linked with spacelanes....
Unity Server Map DesignYeah, I'm a bit concerned that 1 Alli.... Gets to do the map, what's up with that? Should we consider changing game name to The Infinite Bamf? Seems the game is pushed further and furthe
Server Merge - Sunday May 1st?I grew up on grey, jumped over to blue for the opportunity to just farm and have quiet bit of me time. Plan was always to return to grey anyway, but...... Having a server where people ca
SWOT Analysis for TiB