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X2 EXP EVENTSome guys in our alliance did some testing on NPCs in Black VS Rift Invasions and got the same amount of exp (relatively, give or take a couple exp points) on a Boss reaper each time. Diff
Naked Shuttle Racers!!Hey guys! Since ozy is hard at work with TIB-X, let’s entertain ourselves! Naked Shuttle Racing: July 24nd at 4pm MST Rules: no gear, only ship allowed is Shuttle! You can be whatever
Updated tictac recruiting thread :)tictac is looking for active friendly players! About us: Corp Name: Tictac Garrison Level: XIX (45% to xx) Population: 20-30 active players Alliance: The Dynasty What to expect friendly,
Unfair? Or as fair as possibleThis. This right here. 1
Server downAgain.
EXP (ozy take a peek at this)So, my corp and I were tossing around ideas for this last night during a 2 hour farm expedition. The option to toggle exp gain after lvl 15, because some of the members in the group fel
Auction HouseI'm sure this has been asked before, but can we pleeeaaase get the auction house changed so it has the options: Price Highest to Lowest Lowest to highest ----------------------- as well as
New Unity Server MapsTy ozy for working on the maps and finishing it so quickly. Most of us really appreciate you listening to the community and making edits to the game when needed
This lag is terrible.My tech and 3 ships just died because i couldnt spam heal, IT WAS ONLY 14 ships, that killed me and the lag was insane, please ozy, fix it, i have a ruined prec holocrine now because I've
New problem for Techs - reduced heal speed (bug or feature?)Yes I noticed this too....some are referring to it as the "Tech nerf" if this was a nerf, absolutely uncalled for, nobody was complaining about techs, I've lost a good few people in invys
So.....We've already voted for what we want, now when are we going to get it? I know this stuff takes a bit of time to do but can we at least get some form of timeframe for when it's going to hap
CombatSo...my friend had the bright idea to make combat points be calculated using level as well as gear, because she has killed quite a few lvl 100 ships for no cp. I agree that cp should be ca
Why ozy whyWhen is :factions going to come out? no word since the olden days... @Ozymandias
Server downServer just blew up mid-pew. Fix it please
A solution to the bd drought.I've been thinking about how blackdollar prices are getting inflated and how people are what we like to call, bd broke. A solution to this may be to increase blackdollar drop rates from n