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Old playersI've been keeping up with the forums in anticipation for TIB-X. Just wanted to let you know there's players who don't currently play that are still looking forward to it, Ozy. Hope everyth
Exit & Defend Ever Making A Comeback? (and other questions...)I believe a change like the DOT Attak proposed is needed. All the nova does now is force a bd/met heal. It's hardly dangerous anymore if you have half a brain. I don't think that's the kin
New Combat Point OptionsI'd like to see gear buffed by Combat Points. 15k cp for adding a fraction of a rank in stats could work out well. The XP suggestion could use a huge boost, as of right now I can't s
Failed attack due to lock down timerYes, basically the lockout timer in SECTORS is treating the sector like a garrison.
Servers DownHiya Spellbook, the TIB servers are down, just in case you weren't aware. There's nothing mentioning this in motd screen. They've been down since 1:54pm est.
Unity Server Map DesignThe map is fine, I'd add two more 8 sector cluster spots to rift just to have more variety... We all know where the two top alliances will go, which is pretty boring. You could even add th
Community QuestsI think it would be cool to have super quests for the whole TIB playerbase. Things like "Finish 200 Wyrd invasions for 10% repair" or "Kill 2000 Dread NPCs for 200 skulls". Quests around t
Forced LogoutsThese have become a problem in mega fleets (150 individual ships) and what's happening is my ship being force logged out in the middle of a fleet battle. I'm then unable to log back in un
Nova Device - Temporary FixThis sounds good, but you could make it a bleed effect over time, for example an ultimate nova would bleed 75% of a target's max hull over ~15-20 seconds. Also double the metals required t
POLL: if TiB still exists in # years, will u still play?Stand by Leasure and Dixi, still waiting on a cute pet alien.
Community designed mapThat sounds fun, and I assume you'd give us whatever you use to create the map. I can't imagine plotting out nearly 13k sectors.
Community designed mapI was wondering if this was possible, and if the community would like it. I feel like there's a lot more possible with these maps, and unity server would be the best opportunity to test th
A few suggestions .True, I'm getting 80-100 xp per npc in an invasion... It would be pathetic attempting to actually level while grouping up like everyone always suggests. I still do it, but I'd much r
A few suggestions .The only suggestion I like is the bonus xp. For a team game, TIB really punishes xp wise when it comes to grouping up. I'd suggest up to a bonus 50% xp gain to encourage more ships to farm
Max Garrison LevelWell that answered everything... So uh... Thanks!