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Bring Back Server Transfers!!!!Merge.
PvP Tournament (Grey Server)I've also been trying for years to get the customers that buy the window frame parts I make to come to the plant and pultrude their own sashes and sills. No luck so far, but this post giv
The Infinite Black - v1.4.8My rescue carrier has been on the same old busted up 1st or 2nd Gen kindle fire for the 3 years I've been playing your wonderful game. Kindle old client is a winning combination. keep
concerns about universal auction houseWAKE UP SHEEPLE! STUDY IT OUT!!!
The Infinite Black - Client v3Put tap to attack on old client and I'd be happy.
Roll CallFargo, North Dakota (yes, it's a real state)... (kind of)
Ozy: SteamNot to worry sir. New content is on the way. It just isn't on the way to TIB. Perhaps you will be able to find what you like in undead hero, heroes of dire, dire, critter catch, ring
Remove Server SidingThis thread had been dead for like 4 months before the bumping post brought it back to life. I wouldn't worry too much about action being taken as a result of this thread's suggestion.
carrier with skip/tech is over powerI remember the first time my 11.6k hull skip tech carrier got ram locked, ran oom, and popped. I was quite surprised. Fun times. Now after a few tries to jump away I just ej and spam
Doom And Gloom.Strong men also cry. That's a bummer, man.
Doom And Gloom.Forget it, he's rolling.
Doom And Gloom.Lolololol. Good one.
Doom And Gloom.Quoted for relevance.
Doom And Gloom.RIP TiB
Doom And Gloom.I'm super happy that RGB gets to look forward to an increase in population. They will probably hate it. How about grey though? Was there a portion of your post that addresses the issue