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2D instead of 3DI was always wondering why is this game 3D? No game mechanics require it to be three-dimentional. 2D format would have much more advantages for this game, like better UI, better overview o
PvP speed (reprise)If 12v12 pvp are gone, I wouldn't miss hem. 12v12 pvp in GH was originally introduced to match "two squads per attacker in GH" limit, two attackers each two squads... This limit was remove
Inventory Management interfers with the gameI have similar problems with seven pages of mail. Would be nice if there was a way to copypaste names of items into mail subject. Even better if mail subject would aucomatically change whe
PvP speed (reprise)9v9 matches are OK in duration, takes as much time as chess match. And generally match duration isn't a primary problem. Very high ressource concentration forces everyone to fight vs top p
New Archer AbilityWhat do you mean archers "need" active ability? No, they don't. Rogues, mages and wars need their abilities cause otherwise they are just useless. Archers are already very strong. Suggeste
DPS changes via new weapon typesDon't wanna feed the troll, that's not an eloquence contest, that's a game discussion forum. PVE could definetly use some more variety. The only question is how to do it, and preferably
DPS changes via new weapon typesThat's like saying, everyone, let's play checkers, cause chess rules are too hard. If you think about it, chess rules might be more complex then rules in this game. Chess also have five fi
DPS changes via new weapon typesGonna elaborate a little. It seems to me, that DPS changes are made based on a type of a weapon. I think so because melee weapons received much highter dps increase then mage ones. Also dp
DPS changes via new weapon typesWhen I started this game, I kinda expected some "real" bosses, throwing spectacular fireballs and chainlightnings at player. But this post is not about it. It's about how to change paramet
DPS changes via new weapon typesI kinda assumed assumed DPS was increased to speed up PVP fights. But it seems primary objective was to increase PVE difficulty. Problem is global changes like that have many unforseen con
Quest difficultyI don't really have issues with PVE with increased DPS, just takes a while to get used to. But DPS increase completely broke ballance in PVP. I'm talking here only about 9v9 and 12v12. Cau
Damage Balance Tweakswell naturally higher DPS stacks with higher item quality (primary DPS stat bonus from items) and longer krit duration. With so many multiplicatiors getting lucky roll just destroys oppone
+dmg does not speed up pvpdefence stacking tanks was an easy win before, unless on bottleneck map
+dmg does not speed up pvpI spend lot of time in PVP reestimating situation after each camera move. With camera centered on opponent fighters you don't see your own very well, and vice versa. For example I sometime
Skulls!you know, I had topic on this created even before skull piles were introduced. You are infriging on my copy rights. https://www.spellbook.com/forum/?cat=3&scat=11&tid=3761&p=1#38757_376