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TIB-X Map Creation Contest #13 (ends Monday November 27th)
Contest #6 - Ends November 1
Remove Alliance and Add FactionI agree with what Capitalgains has said. The idea as it is stated doesn't sound like a good concept. In our current alliances, we choose the people we want to be with. We invite them into
Ask your TIB: Expasion questions here!This one is from Spartagus: Not a question, more a suggestion but maybe worth talking about. Spellbook could hire a marketing expert on commission basis, so they get only paid for the n
An idea for making small ships viable to use in pvp- SupportI like the idea about adding common specials to small ships for new players. Also, making the small ships useful is a good thing and adds variety, which is a good thing. But as some people
An idea for making small ships viable to use in pvp- SupportWhat Xar said. Right now 2 or 3 termis in xxx guns can pop pretty much anything too, yes. But they are also vulnerable and don't have 80% dmg reduction at the same time.
An idea for making small ships viable to use in pvp- SupportCheck it out for yourself then. Using: ulti r2b, ulti carb vi, ulti matter inverter xix, ulti cabal t3, ulti dcd v7, ulti advanced munitions. Elite 3. So, pretty much the classical pvp s
An idea for making small ships viable to use in pvp- SupportIts an interesting concept, but with those numbers extremely overpowered. I just put that into the ship outfitter and with 80% dmg added against a Terminus, it would be easy to build a shu
special events threadAnother idea: a regular event. Just like the Titan event now, just like one weekend every month, or even a day every month. That would make it worth specifically gearing ships to make the
STRIKES DURING GARRISON ENGAGEMENTSWhere do you get that no chance of killing from? A few days ago, we tried to roll bamf in the early morning. And for once, there actually was conventional defense without a ton of novas. W
Unity Farm Layer 1 to the idea from me too. That would be a great solution
Two Server Policy^ this I also think 3 servers would be better. And with merging the new server to the one with lowest population at the time, both servers will get new players without becoming too crow
Server Merge - Sunday May 1st?This is bad news. Even though some people here will never believe it, not everyone likes to play the same style. Not everyone wants constant pvp, if we wanted that, we would all be on grey