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TryStoppingUsDo NOT trust TSU with anything. Have a nice day now.
Credit Purchase OptionsAny word on this yet? Just curious.
PC Game VersionFair enough and understandable. My system at the moment can barely run it. I get like an hour tops before my system overheats and shuts down cause of bluestacks, lol. Needless to say I don
Nepal Earthquake ReliefHUGE PROPS OZY!
PC Game Versionbluestacks is one option to play RoN on a PC. It's how I play on my PC. Ozy has said they will be releasing a RoN ubity client, but who knows when that will actually happen.
Curiousity..Dear Ozy, I'm well aware that Spellbook's main focus is Dire. But I'm just wondering how much time is actually spent on RoN? Maybe just an estimate to as how many hours is spent on develo
leaders inventory questionItems should stay in garries when busted and perhaps just add a numbering system to garries for redeploy so leads can put them back in the order they want them. Dunno, but I do agree that
Credit Purchase OptionsThank you very much, Ozy! :)
Revisited idea: quests.I'd like to hear dev's thoughts on this as well. If I'm not mistaken the reason for RoN was to be able to implement TIB ideas to "test". That being said one of the BIGGEST things people ha
Credit Purchase OptionsHello, So I've come to notice there is a HUGE gap in the dollar amounts for credits. it starts at 8.99 for 110k, not a bad option. But from there it goes to 39.99 for 525k. Posting this
My thoughts on RONPersonally, I agree. My play time in RoN has been reduced drastically because of this. I run 2 ships, all ultra rare or higher gear and both in their mid 20's lvl wise. Uni 2 is a viable o
Kindle Users Who Crash - Need Your HelpMy fiancee has a kindle fire HD, current version No where in the settings is there a dev options or an "about phone" section. The only thing close is a "device" heading. I've go