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so... about the MOTDI don't really care one way or another but it was the same message as the one last week. There were three repairs already. Not sure why we would have yet another one. One of it apparent
logging off to avoid deathI would agree with MightyL there, if you cant kill a stack of completely defenceless ships with half a minute to spare maybe you dont deserve the kill. It could be just me but I've alw
Bring Back Server Transfers!!!!Their population should be given the option to move to our server. It's better to keep these folk engaged and playing (and for Spellbook, that also means paying), rather than to quit the g
Server down?Can they also ensure everyone is repaired before bringing server back up as we do not want to spend the rest of the day waiting waiting waiting (I have been waiting for all of Monday "morn
The ultimate guide to cluster defenseHilarious!
A special event isnt special anymoreIm sure if ozy gave everyone a million bucks there would be some naggy voice here complaining abt "credit inflation". People just like to bitch.
A special event isnt special anymoreShh...let it go on!
Nova damage proportional to levelLearn how to spell before u talk about 2 year olds.
Nova damage proportional to levelYou're from hitsquad, is it a coincidence that everyone that wants to nerf the nova is from hitsquad? I think not. Take your ball. Mods have already ruled on novas. Go home. Don't come
Nova damage proportional to levelFor a guy who doesn't play anymore, I sure do login and do stuff a lot! You are dismissed Xariol.
Nova damage proportional to levelEvery month or so the same few folks show up at the forum and ask for a nova change, to weaken or eliminate the only counter to carrier tanks, so they can roll clusters with no opposition.
A special event isnt special anymoreLong events are good not everyone has time to login at the specific time of the event.
STRIKES DURING GARRISON ENGAGEMENTSIm not sure im following, but there isnt one set that beats all defences, nor one defence that beats all attacks. What we have instead is a weird meta where attackers are in tanks that