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Market PricingSome of the in game prices are rather rediculous too. I got super luck, the first map i cleared dropped a level 1 ulti plate mail. Looking at it now, it would cost 100k to unbind, whic
3% Durability Loss Event
Friendly grapplesRescue magnet special.. Same % as hook.. But you wont do any damage... To anything.. And friendly techs cant degrapple.. But enemy techs can
:shows being removedIt only works on old client. Same as logging out makes you vanish from lead vision on old client, while if im on unity my lead vision sees people until they fully log
Revisiting latest speed changes.You wasted a whole post without even trying to refute any of the actual points i made? Tell me: How has the change even made a difference to you?
BOE elephant in the roomDeal. All my good gear is nonboe. Because i havnt been able to buy much new since boe ruined market.
BOE elephant in the roomNo, let this thread die, and boe along with it :)
Revisiting latest speed changes.Do you read what you type? You spew generalizations and insults in every post. And the worst thing is the sheer number of these posts all saying utterly the same exact thing. Are your
Revisiting latest speed changes.Wall of QQ. Did not read.
Item Revamp: Part 2Pfff. My ulti T3 is a batmobile
Item Revamp: Part 2I think the mks should have stronger perks than the tech cpus... But have stronger penaltys.
BOE elephant in the roomDEATH TO BOE :D
lol spamIf this happens again, click the contact us button at the bottom of the website and report it. Thats what i did, and it cleared up very quickly.
Finding settings on a Nook tabletThe nook's stock ROM has difficulty using soft keys. These are the little buttons that settings would be accessed by. You might have to root it and flash a new rom on it, or do the easy op
:shows being removedLogging off and back on does clear shows