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today marks month 5 since any TIBX updates on the forums.Thank you Ozy for the update and gift.
Lost Legion: Blood and Honor (the infinite black book part 2)enjoyed the first book, will czech this one out
Yearly badges for accounts in profile picWould it be possible to show the age of the player account with certain badges or marks per year of play? I know there is a bunch of "old" timers now that have years of game involvement an
Thehive hitsquad...saga!Classic!
It's Time For Another Small Ship EventI ready for a small ship blitz for fun. Roll out the double bonuses for the little guys!
A few thoughts on spaceportsSo, garrisons could possibly be more reactive vs enemy ships? Say a noob, like myself, was mapping and came within scanning range without stealth of the garrison, and the garrison could se
You know you have played to much tib when....Sending "KNK" to HR when you need to fire an employee.......the response i received was classic
Dire AlphaJust a couple observations (one from my daughter) -When I finished a skeleton with a crit, blood and guts went flying. My daughter said, how does a skeleton have guts? So there's that.
Battle shouts.How about "get some! get some! get some!" from Full Metal Jacket?
idea/questionWill the animal companions be able to equip gear/hold more gear for the player? Now since there are sparkly vampires, would it be possible to add a lycanthropy effect to a player when dea
Dire backers sound offWoot, I'm in!
How to get test and play this game?Woot! Can't wait!
How to get test and play this game?Will Dire be available for IOS users? (I know, I know.....)
I really tried to come back......In the immortal words of TIB: "Less qq and more pew pew"
Holiday Book Drawing!Merry Christmas! Thanks for the drawing