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Battle RoyaleDisconnects and lag have been noticed by many during bouts of BR.
New content: Timed HardcoreIdea for a new hardcore mode, timed using a zombie ship. It needs to kill to survive, don't expect it to last very long at all. Npc's give extra life time according to their strength; w
You know you have played to much tib when....When you are in a restaurant subconsciously modelling your rice dish into the shape of the old anni...
Reviving old accounts?Try emailing Spellbook using the 'Contact Us!' button below, they usually respond quickly.
Beta version on TiBxHello Games produced that abomination No Man's Sky as a rush job after years of promises that were mostly unfulfilled, then released a useless patch a week later because the game was broke
SpiesHard subject. Inherent to the game. Will there be any changes to affect spying? Positively or negatively? 2 main alliances per server can make spying easy. Meh spies, just asking.
Item Theft & DestructionMax 5% dura loss now, no excuse for whining, no more pussy new player talk. More deaths, now, this minute!
New Feature: The OutpostYeah CapitalGains hit it. Too many fairies hitting negativity, let the truth be told by play-testing. BTW: Paying into Kickstarter, any chance using a trusted safe measure like PayPal?
F1 or kids school run.Remind me Bliznit. It was 4am in the morning for me, where were you? Always hiding at your prime time at 8pm? I lead, you followed. I instigated, you tried to improve. Remember that? Of co
F1 or kids school run.Huh? Remind me. As if I am near players to hurt them physically, lol Bliz you joker. Prove I was intending hurt that was not in-game, do it. Poor attempt...damn I used to respect you, now
F1 or kids school run.Interesting. I make a comment that describes how anyone on the internet can read this forum, and I get called self-absorbed. The internet destroyed proper communication in a formative beh
F1 or kids school run.Personal attacks to me are useless. And irrelevant to the original post. You want to attack me personally? Make a new topic. In-game I bet you'll never meet me, better things to do. I
F1 or kids school run.Interesting, I wonder how many of you pay into the game? Bad idea or not, I consider personal attacks as pretty pathetic. I got called on it once so I will never do it again, I regret doin
F1 or kids school run.So, usual thumbs down from my cheerleaders, anyone wish to discuss this in an altruistic manner?
3% Durability Loss EventI agree. That is not my aim, I reckon it is time this game accepts that precision gear takes longer to repair than stuff fit for a supermarket run. I am talking daily nano repair, not bd r