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ConsolidationSo how do we read up on this new TiB-X? There doesn't seem to be a dedicated forum for it here on Spellbook and the link Mighty posted only appears to take you to the KickStarter page.
ConsolidationA merge only appeals to me if I am able to have at least 80% of all my gear, money and transcends brought over. This can be in the form of an equivalent sum of game money and initial expe
InvasionsI would have to disagree with you. If the drops were more productive, then it wouldn't be as rewarding. I personally have never seen anyone doing invasions over universe 4. Forget abo
Transcend 25 Bonus and IssueI need to implore the developers to give attention to this game breaking issue of making a ship irrelevant once it reaches transcend 25 (the second issue I noted in the original post). I'
Found a Glitch -I have a storage that I have upgraded to XX and Ultimate. The storage says it holds 130 resources. When you combine that with my Fusion gun which at legendary gives me 10 more resource
Anyone still play?Yes. There are still a group of people who continue to play. Unfortunately Spellbook has pretty much deserted us. But the faithful still hold out hope that they will give this game some
xxx gearI have to disagree with the XXX gear. It will really put everything out of whack making certain players way overpowered. The only thing I like about gear that is ranked so high is the ab
Universe JumpsHere's a suggestion to improve the jumping from one universe to another. Currently as constructed, the changing of multiple universes is very tedious. In order to get to universe 10 from
why is there a limit on transcendI pointed this issue out in the suggestions forum. It is a game breaker. Hopefully they are listening as it cripples anyone that reaches transcend 25.
Transcend 25 Bonus and IssueSince this suggestion had been made, another player has joined the ranks of the transcend 25 club, with several more on their way. In the very least, the second suggestion needs to be ena
Transcend 25 Bonus and IssueAs of this writing, only one person has attained a transcend of 25 (Ring of Night's current max). I would like to recommend some changes to anyone that reaches such historic heights. 1)
automatic common gear scrapI agree. An option to automatically scrap all common gear would be such an improvement! No one ever keeps this type gear. This is never a circumstance where one would need anything common.