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Could someone post an updated link to the Discord server?Please and thank you! Just trying to see who's still around and if there's any old friends I could still hang with.
Expansion Update & ScreenshotsI check in every few months hoping I'd see something new but I guess this is one of those games that never will come back. :(
Expansion Update & ScreenshotsOh my, I thought there'd be progress by now.
[FANFICTION] Meridius(Spoiler)
TIB DiscordHey guys! I made a TIB Discord server. Not sure if one already exists or not. The purpose is for a one stop shop for general discussion outside of the forums, a market for both unity and g
What do we what from TIB in the new year?Just checking in. Has any of this stuff happened? Might come back and give it a shot if so.
Insert Dramatic Title HereI've lost love for TIB. I log in every now and then to make sure I'm not purged, though even that is losing its motivational effect. I tune in occasionally on kak chat rooms. The thou
Please all read..Hahaha good old ooooooooooooo. Later renamed to 13xO. The reason it was named that was because it was an old nano that was put into use as a Corp. We didn't have a rename available and
Survival Tips for the New PlayerA great tip, though I'd disagree that it is the BEST. If there was a single best tip, I'd have to say it'd be staying in grey til level 15.
New ships for New players.I bet he ate shit when everybody over level 15 or whatever got free skips or when we got ndrives, etc.
The Infinite Black - Live on Steam!Nice work.
Preparing for Steam (what you can do to help!)The Oprah made my day. Lmao. Thanks Spellbook!
Preparing for Steam (what you can do to help!)I don't want to sound like a greedy #######, but are the BD rewards only for the new submissions or will those who had their previously written guides added to the page be rewarded as wel
Preparing for Steam (what you can do to help!)I commented on the guide on steam.
Carrier on Gold Server?I like fast too, wasn't sure if fast speed was one of the arguments against it. I'd still say give it 2.5 though. I like having 2.0 fleets as a counter to BFG carrier fleets.