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Thoughts regarding level separation between a new and old playerexactly my point. i can farm all day in black and not come across anyone else... but yeah lets kill vets and hurt their game to make it more appealing for noobs... i dont think thats fair.
Thoughts regarding level separation between a new and old playerlmao at the original post. give up my lvl... lol hahahaha games are not games now days... flashy gimmicks to get u to log in... if u took the grind away from tib, thats all it would be...
The Infinite Black Expansion!i honestly dont get y this expansion is so hard for ppl to understand... its not gonna b controlled by vets... people who put into it will get to help make it how it will b when done... th
The Infinite Black Expansion!i think its called transfer to unity. gold is new, not years behind...its your choice to stay in the kiddie pool instead of the big leagues
Idea for new player retention and "safer" game playi'd just make an extra layer, where pvp is turned off. pvpers would still have black and rift, but noobs also have a place to farm safely to better themselves. makes everyone happy. and i'
Please all read..Man... All i can say is quit game if ur not happy. Servers merged for good reasons... Y reopen for same effect. Quit qqing and head to kiddi pool/gold... U know what erks me most... I went
My idea to try and mimimse farmer ganking 1 ozy u reading this? Lots of players I've seen in Ron have quit tib due to exactly this. Let's get em back. Would help populace...