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Thehive hitsquad...saga!Nicely done capitalgains.
New TOPICTotally plus 1 to that, Griz. I hate it when guns jetti mets in invy/rifty then sit watching TV or sthg pressing fire occasionally and soaking up the XP while the techs do all the work. No
Rift jump starts without selecting myselfI had this problem for ages before I realised that I was accidentally pressing the shutter button for the camera on my phone and that was instigating rift jump. Mine is an android, but the
What I don't seeAnd why don't we see the Het, Wyrd and Pirate vets in the forum qqing about game balance because their clusters are constantly being rolled by HS and Bamf? I vote for npc bust and strike c
Game balanceBTW, just think it through before you idea doesn't penalize levelling. It just forces a fragmentation in the powerbase which will deliver all sorts of benefits. Meaningful
Game balanceAnd that something is...?
Game balanceTy griz and jperr. Yes, richstealth, those are the sorts of ideas which may well help. Another I thought of was putting a limit on number of high ranked garris and high ranked playe
Game balanceForgive my mentioning the specific example from today. My broader point is that the social experiment is not really fostering anything other than survival of the fittest. Perhaps, Am
Game balanceThanks for that reply Amcilla. Just before I scurry back to my mouse hole, could you just clarify how players are handicapping their game experience?
Game balanceJust as a for example, Assassins whole cluster has just been rolled by a pretty top-end bust crew because "we told you not to HC" (quote from sector chat on our last garrison). At the tim
Game balanceThanks for reading and replying Rampage. Couple of things for clarification... Re the strikes, I wasn't suggesting they need changing...I was just using them as an illustration of a
Game balanceFirstly, please don't read this as qqing. It isn't. I just have some genuine observations about the game which I would be interested in hearing people's views about the way forward on.
Is anyone serious about new player retention?
Garrison Clusters With Enemy AlliancePretty sure you can't rj into a red garri. 'Disturbance on the other side'.
Garrison Clusters With Enemy AllianceDo you really mean that all garrisons in the cluster lose movement blocking? Or just the garrison that is touching the non-allied garri? Thanks