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Battle royalOZY could we get BR back on event bases?
My Thoughts on SchoolyardLost to a fleet of 100 I'm not mad hard to beat 100 ships with 40. Could of been a fun fight all 3 fleets were even for most part but no he way or no way. I'm mad cause it's a dictatorsh
My Thoughts on SchoolyardTHIS hole weekend event is a dictatorship . Fight hs way or no was and its bs . Both their fleets were even with ours and the want to merge when we show up to join and my group of 40 with
STILL AGAINST WEEKEND EVENTSo ur failing ur corp and ur self by not trying
STILL AGAINST WEEKEND EVENTAll corps should have capable drivers .unless ur telling me there's corps around that have 0 carriers in it. And for amounts pre fleet mains and alts would be no different then how u
STILL AGAINST WEEKEND EVENTHave given u all a reasonable counter of every corp for this selfs event and u all are just as opposed to it as we are of this weekends event so guess we just going to disagree on every
STILL AGAINST WEEKEND EVENTU all just dont get . WTf the point of pew of it's not ur corp getting skulls for it and ur not with the ppl u want to pew with . U think I want a driver telling me they need me to go to
STILL AGAINST WEEKEND EVENTI'm not willing to leave my corp just for pew . I get lots of cp without leaving my corp . It defeats the hole concept of having corps .
STILL AGAINST WEEKEND EVENTIf wanna do so.ething like this . Should be every corp for them selfs or something along them lines make it so there's like 20 hunt groups out server would be crazy and would be fun as hel
Semi-Official Weekend Schoolyard FvF EventUgh I dont want to download a new app just for a weekend event.
Tech specialSo guns have to have multiple sets but techs don't is wat u saying?
Tech specialI already run into enough jack asses that farm in tech sets . If techs get xp boost it will only add to the number of ppl that get away when we hunt. I'm looking at this from a pew players
Tech specialI think it's stupid . So u want to change the game for your liking so that u can make more xp while u stay safe with your tech on. Take your tech off and go roid or farm like all the othe
help the noobsI will not stop killing noob accounts because there's a 90% chance it's a lvl 150 farming his none cp worth alt .
help the noobsBig problem keeping noobs in the game cause they can't farm so maybe something like a every other day no pew flag . Just a idea to help keep people playing that are just starting