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Pure squads....Always pondering ways to add a bit more fun to the game. Thought about this today. How about adding some sort of perks for running pure squads. As an example, plus .01 aim for each el
Server down?Same here...Been over 90 minutes...
checkpoint list issue...can"t scroll to bottom?I notice this mostly when I am putting out GH gaurds. After I create my 1st squad I can"t scroll to the bottom to select the GH for the next guard squad. I have to log out and back in ea
Archersment can't. :)
Archersmy lvl 9 archer just single handed with two healers took out 6 npc...mage stood in front and popped a few hero and paladin just sat around and watched. Maybe I can articulate
ArchersI think shooting through structure is fine...but shooting through friendly heros is way way overkill.
Kindle fire hd 3rd gen dc problemBatt save didnt help at all. :/
Kindle fire hd 3rd gen dc problemNo difference except i get farther into the battle load....i tried setting it down to the lowest setting. The ai is making me look good. :)
Kindle fire hd 3rd gen dc problemIll give it a shot....thanks
Kindle fire hd 3rd gen dc problemI picked up 3 of these because they play tib/unity so flawlessly. Decided to give hod a try, but every time i try to battle i dc in the transition to the fight screen. Really...every tim
New Multiwindow ApksBump for new unity....
New Multiwindow ApksBump
warning to new players about corpsI was on when he was kicked. He was asked who gave him the flayer. He couldn't come up with a name. That threw suspicion on him and thats all it took. It seems we have had some spy iss
TIB News and Server MergeYay
Server Merge - SoonWould it be possible to lift the corp cap on green asap so they can start to be ready for the merge?