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TIB-X Map Creation Contest #13 (ends Monday November 27th)
The Heteroclite KingThese emperor ships should be controlled by the Corp and owned by that Corp and be bound to the Corp. They should not be able to be stolen. Once a day the ship will have to be parked in t
Why carrier busters are cancer-I think it's fairly balanced. I agree completely with arta. If you don't like the way we defend then figure out how to counter it. Then again if we are not prepared we can be rolled. QQ Q
100 hit broken mechanicI thought evasion was broken.....
New ideas for cp
The intensive, amalgamated "we need a bigger map/ another layer" chatpvp and pve toggle on ship menu
New cp itemsI'm for a new ship. i know Ozy already said no new ships but what if you did make a new het ship? Make it a tech ship similar in size to executioner with the ability to use combat points t
Unity Server Map DesignYeah, I am not digging the new map for unity. It needs more places to choose from to put the alliances.
POLL: if TiB still exists in # years, will u still play?yes, i will still play. I am like leasure, waiting on my pet alien.
Unity Farm LayerI farm and very successfully too. It was never mentioned that people could not farm anywhere here. It is mentioned that there will be little farming for everyone without constant running i
Unity Farm Layer"It's not that Unity rgb or whatever you want to call it doesn't want pvp. Its not that they only want farming. They just straight up don't want to end up with like grey server. A m
Unity Farm Layer 1 to ice's idea!!!
Two Server PolicyI would ask if you can change the dura loss to 3% npc death and 5% pvp death. =)
Calling all Suffragettespfft!!! I do not want a man in the bathroom with me or my daughter and I know my son does not want a woman in the bathroom with him. The bill only refers to county and city Building and St
Server Merge - SoonTROLL MEH YANKEE!!! LOL