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Dire BR/Extra PVP ModeThanks for the exciting updates. The blog is a very cool idea. Well done.
Dire BR/Extra PVP ModeBesides the current PVP mode, can we have some extra PVP modes. I know TibX will take months to finish, these are for when devs have time :) - Training PVP: friends PVP each other to te
Pvp leader board ideaI like the test/practice pvp idea, no gain/no loss, but I certainly will join it a lot. I am looking forward to more ways to spend money on. Some limited time feature, like for a week,
AltsIt might encourage 5 players to use the workaround, but they put in extra efforts than now. I am more willing to see it encourage 30 other players to actually co-op. How frequently does 4-
Altsco-op bonus should only be given out when multiple players actually controlled their own fighters, for like xx% of the battle. This will encourage more co-op.
Three way PvPThere were some complaints that some people did not want to be dragged into a fight if they are within 2 tiles range. But if people go to fight club and gather in one tile, it can not
Lets be frankTo bring co-op back, both the ip/rep might take time to implement. A quick solution is to only give co-op bonus when all players are actually controlling their fighters. If one player is p
Lets be frankRepup kiljae :)
Guild PvP ChangesGood points. There has to be a way for players to choose what type of pvp they want to participate, based on personal preferance and time allowed, and who to fight against, even within gui
Guild Member MaxReducing member max is fine. Besides the 3-4 big guilds, most other guilds do not have many active players, nor any bonus. What can such guilds offer to new players? Even with the new
Lockdown Bank 1
Guild Hall RaidHi, I know there have been discussions around guild hall raid/protection, just too lazy to find the thread to tag on... Is there a way to add a cool down timer if the raider failed complet
In regards to the Hardcore Transmution!If xp needed to lvl increase 15% each time fighter ascend. 1st ascend: 115% xp 2nd ascend: 132% xp 3rd ascend: 152% xp 4th ascend: 174% xp 5th ascend: 201% xp ... 10th ascend: 404%
Resource Distribution/DiscussionIs this coming soon? Can we make it so the resources harvested in guild hall split between guild and the person who harvests? And let guild have the crafting skill growth too?
Resource Harvesting & GuildsHow long it takes for resource to relocate? in our hall, 10 resources including 3 on vault disapear. Oh just found out their count descrease every minute maybe this is why