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NonHC On Enemy Garriid still like to see corps un passable till they have been destroyed, or maybe make them un passable while they are active shooting any non corp members and make them passable when they ar
training corpwell i guess i will have to agree with noob regrettably. why should i give a **** when ppl dont give a *** either, hell they even go out of their way to sabotage the work and then say if t
training corpwith the recent losses of certain players ron is in need of a training corp and i am endeavoring to fill that roll. as a training corp we will focus closely on farming and inv busting. pvp
NEW SPECIALS/GEAR IDEAS!!!!!!!!null field generators. they negate a percentage of enemy ships corp bonuses . percentage varies depending one rarity and how many are near. closer proximity increase the effects so that be
NEW SPECIALS/GEAR IDEAS!!!!!!!!gravity mines that when in place slow the ships in the sector down a percentage based on the mines rarity. mines can be bought for a price and dropped anywhere. they can be upgraded to hav
menu option to turn of ships logging out for inactivityi would love to have this added bc there are times when i just want to sit and watch the chat and keep an eye on corp. but not do anything else. i would like to have the option to turn off
Buy gear at starports.the market really is dead for anything engine and special, and almost useless for any decent needed gear.
Help New Players!
Is it just me or did things get a lot harder over the weekend?theyhave become self aware and are learning.....ozzy has been replaced with a clone and they are taking over the world!
Non hc shows red on scoutpoker.....i want blackjack!!!