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Could this be the next eventTo clarify terraform xp... and not to be limited to any specific sized Garry. Let everyone tf their stuff .have to be fair to all
ExpansionStrongly disagree with the liquidate gear idea... lol that's a good way to get the majority to quit... nobody wants to lose what they have worked on since the early 2000's myself included
wonder what effectMaybe he is posting in the wrong forum. There is a ron forum yeah?
Could this be the next eventJust really really want the xp turned on everywhere and I know a bunch of people from all corps need boes to work towards finishing their sets. And the added cp. Would or should apply
Could this be the next eventTurn on triple CP everywhere. Turn on triple XP everywhere. turn on terraforming. NO added drop bonuses Turn on chance of dropped gear to be boe. Lower dura loss on kill to 1%-3% P
New event ideaHy all, So new idea for an event. The extra xp from rifty invasions is a success. Why dont we open it up to black invasions as well. Up the spawn rate of invasions for the little fo
To Ozy in regards to the current event plz readOk well why not open the xp boosts to not just rift.. regular invasions as well.. you can get by with a 5k uncommon hull in an invasion that you find off a regular noc or on the ahs for 5
To Ozy in regards to the current event plz readOne cool idea since we do in fact have a small amount of actual new players in the game would be a boe event like the usual but Also some how work in the limited storages as a possible d
To Ozy in regards to the current event plz readHey Ozy. I read your post about the back surgery and Google play forcing the update or removal of non compliant apps. It's a good thing that this event is still going. Its brought play
Free to Play vs One Time Paid@ozymandis I get it that you want to generate upfront revenue ozy I really do. But the thing is with microtransactions and cellphone games and some PC games. They are the lifebl
What is in a name?Jackal 6 Shortened to jackl6 in most games, was an old gamer tag of mine from my childhood.
Found the theme song for the new tib commercialHopefully this will allow me to post a link. Anywhoo when ozy does agree to finally do a commercial here's a song that would work... Listen to it from the start all the way passed the
STILL AGAINST WEEKEND EVENTThe point is we all can hang out on discord smashing each other like a big party bee. It's not about who is to dog at that point. It's a bunch of friends having a blast. We were all on
My Thoughts on SchoolyardThe fear of reprisal for joining in on the event needs to end. Threats of not being allowed back into the alliance after the event is over it petty af....its a game meant to be fun. W
Why half of TIB's playerbase does not support schoolyard pvpI get it, your comments about it only being good for one Ally. That's your opinion and entitled to that. The only way it would benefit any one alliance more so than another as a whole is