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stupidly inconsiderateInvy. 15 sectors of invy. I've depopulated 14 sectors, cleaared a weak hive. I'm busy killing the boss hive. Yellow text pops up, "rebooting server to fix lag" or words to that effect.
Lag spikes lately.Look at your router. Somewhere, there should be an option to limit bandwidth. Depending on your router, you may be able to limit bandwidth to each machine on your network, or limit bandw
Why can't i log inProbably tripped over the extension cord going into the closet again . . . . better check on him.
server is down ?Ditto here, I tried a couple servers, it seems they're all down.
My qqRight now I'm pretty upset. Was HC'ing, and being pretty careful. Suddenly, all of my alts just kind of froze up. The HC, the tech, and my guns. After about 5 or 6 seconds, one of the
Copyright & Permission5) We might use your story as "official" lore by publishing it in-game and elsewhere, without any guarantee of compensation. As a rule, a community such as this won't "compensate" anyo
What rarity stealth drive do NPCs have?That happens from time to time, even when wearing precursor scout. I guess they can wear ulti gear!
Someone tripped over the extension cord!Gold is offline, and it appears that Unity is too. Obviously, the problem isn't at my end - I'm posing here! ARRRGGGHHHHH!!!! On the off chance that my client got "tired" or something
The Infinite Black Expansionhttps://www.kickstarter.com/checkouts/76186768/guest/new?clicked_reward=true Who do I log in as? Do I need a kickstarter account? I don't use Facebook. Can I log in as a TIB user? D
special events threadThank you - I heard the 2Xxp for garrison engagements, but I didn't hear 2XPvP. Thank all of you! Found the page, liked, and followed!
special events threadIt's possible that I've simply missed it. Is there a thread where special events are announced, and updated whenever they occur? "Double Rifty XP weekend" or "Boe Rifty weekend" or whate
What I don't seeTime changes things - sometimes quickly, sometimes not so quickly. As mentioned, I multibox. I've started killing some dreads when I find them. Yeah, pred isn't all that hard. Enforcer
A little frustrated with cartographer achievementFinally found it. In the middle of an invy, fighting to stay alive, I got the message for the achievement. Next up - master cart. All I need to do is clear away 3 rifties - or get a tan
A little frustrated with cartographer achievementGood idea - thanks Xariol. Obviously, I'm not an artist who uses image editors, or I'd have thought of that solution!!
A little frustrated with cartographer achievementI have six alts - sometimes play one or another, mostly multibox them. My main has master cartographer achievement. I worked pretty hard at that - you might say I was almost obsessed.