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An xmas messageBelated happy Christmas Quad hope you and yours had a good time
Spaceports,not to be confused with rear endsIv put a lot of thought into this so I hope somebody sees it, I been watching ron for a few days now and it's clear to me and everyone else we need sps I'm every sector so that we don't ha
double weekendI think allowing non hc transcending will get people transcending faster than anything else.
ITEM BANKINGDon't see the need for item bank you can buy space on an alt
Remove binding on EVERY itemI think the auction house would be even less eventful if gear wasn't boe, people would obviously stop using ah and just switch gear between alts me included and I think that would be bad f
Invasions spawning in your sectorThe main thing I can think of here was that invasions were told not to stun on spawning which they did for a bit but they do stun on spawning again so idk if this is intentional or just a
Non Hc in Unis 6 and 7Completely agree on teamwork it can't be done solo, non hc in 6 and 7 means u can join up with anyone else who is non hc not just corpmates and have a good bash at transcending without be
Non Hc in Unis 6 and 7I would still like this option to transcend Non HC, it also gives me the option to not have to solo when noone in my corp is on which all helps the levelling up process. Now Xp has doubled
npcs breaking grapsThat doesn't explain why it didn't have grapple Cooldown lizard.
Remove space ball from Rings of NightI for one like to be able to sb if I ever feel like it,why should I suffer bcos a few crazy people have no control?after all its not my problem!
Trapped invy eventsYes a super hard one for the risk reward factor and maybe some slightly easier ones just for the participation factor
Trapped invy eventsYes sorry to be unclear, like where the invy is stuck in a single sector or maybe just a higher probability of it happening around the centre blues for example
Trapped invy eventsI think it would be very good for breaking up the grind and also for giving us more opportunities of working together if we had events where invys were trapped maybe one a week? Would it e
Check me outJeez beef im trying attract the ladies and you show up on the post looking like something out of madmax, but its usually less than 10 and im anyones
Check me outUk Ladies pm ingame for a date