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Unfair? Or as fair as possible 1
Corporation/Alliance Surplus 1
wyrd invader, flagship.lifes not fair
New Combat Point Optionstrue, very true. but ozy has already said gari bust/def needs reworking.
Controversial subjectmaybe remove bd bets from spaceball
Controversial subjecti dont like the idea of single currency. i like bds being scarce. it gives ya something to work for. like, i can farm for creds, but to get bds, i gotta invy, or roid/lvl, or sell
New Combat Point Optionsim already 2.0 maxed crit bfg with dcd. without elite 4/5. adding elites just makes this kinda set have a slightly bigger hull, not more powerful. which in mega 60 stack fleets, hull s
Controversial subjectwest i still do invy, farm and roid for bds. i also join every hunt n fvf i can. which blows tons of bds on jumps n bd repairs. i still grow in wealth. i dont purchase accel ofte
FvF Tournamentagreed. say its 3v3. side a) person with 3 alts. side b) 3 seperate people. side b has the advantage. more sets of eyes n fingers to pilot ships
Controversial subjecti think the games already balanced with no changes in this reguard. theres plenty of ways with current mechanics to increase bd supply. such as: invy farm hunt less roid chat less
FvF Tournamenthey oober, ty! awesome work. rl keeps me too busy atm to be involved to heavily atm. but once i pay off current house, im VERY VERY interested in helping run n organize tournaments. i
Weekend Event::: No stealth, all ships visibleguess that ideas a flop. oh well. tib community::: "im bored, give us something new" anybody with any suggestion::: "hey wanna try this? or anything? maybe just for like a day or
Tech specialonly option i support is significantly increasing the xp given for degrapple. thats fair. i dont feel techs should get less dmg reduction so they can farm. thatd be unfair. in all
Weekend Event::: No stealth, all ships visiblelast night i was thinking about back in the early days of tib. n was like "man, itd be fun as hell to timewarp back to then n play a weekend." disabling stealth would kinda be like t
Weekend Event::: No stealth, all ships visiblethink of the cp! n small stack n 1v1s would be like the old days of tibs prime that everyone misses people who dont like it could sit out. its just a weekend . or gear in 2.0 while