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We need a merge... SeriouslyWow. You and yank are the biggest whining pansies I've ever seen in the game and you need like another 6 months of isolation to think about it.
Evasion sets ....waste of money?Winning for a low-level sociopath means prevailing *by any means* including being so persistently offensive and annoying that their demands are accommodated. Personally I've had so many
Grey in limboWho am I? I am the guy playing quietly and fairly. I'm not the guy constantly trolling uni with prevarication, fabrication and outright bullshit. I am the guy who doesn't kill sma
Grey in limboAnd you are a sycophantic nub that nobody has ever heard of.
Grey in limboeheh I thought it was funny when i wrote it but some think its a real gripe? Wow. My point is legitimate though, HD management is one of the only things that regulates hunting. Hunts
Grey in limboFunny that is is you two who respond, TheFuzz and Yankeeguy, because your mouths are two of the biggest reasons I don't fly grey. You are both jackasses on uni almost constantly and it
Grey in limboFree HD. Awesome for a weekend. Questionable as a permanent feature. Free Terminus ships makes sense too. I would also be very grateful for permanent free bds. Also, can we get rid o
Unity Farm LayerI've been flying a 4-ship on the unity server and have been just farming around randomly in black and the rift. Since unity opened I've only ever seen a couple of other ships and they were
Grey in limboI just like to say the word "limbo" lol.
Grey in limboWow. Lets see. Y'all were perfectly happy when Red, Green and Blue were separate and a bit of a grind. Put those servers together into RGB and suddenly your world is ending? I don't
Grey in limbolol Best. Post. Ever.
Grey in limboI saw Ozy say on uni that the 3 servers had about equal numbers today. Isn't that pretty much the optimum distribution of players?
Server Merge - SoonSame position here. Grey is unpleasant. Its cultural more than anything to do with game mechanics or constraints. Some of the same birds who are quite vocal in this thread are conti
Server Merge - SoonYou don't know when your own pocket is being picked. I guess I've seen enough here.
Server Merge - SoonWait, no transfers out? They (Gold) can't transfer to RGB or Grey when at some point they are ready? Why on Earth would you do that?