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Old Forums were WAY Betterfixing the leaderboard section in the armory, I don't know why but last couple of days you cant select the leaderboard drop down menu or switch between server tabs, or atleast I cant anywa
Neutron Drivesthel had one and I know for a fact he didn't craft it himself lol
Neutron Drivesas far as im aware there are already a limited number of uncommon neutron drives in circulation in the game and they are non repairable but 100% on generation, they loose durability throug
Cross server PVP mapcouldn't agree more xen could not agree more strongly, although its seems someone has seen fit to remove my post from this thread saying precisely that, maybe we should start posting on th
Any interest in a TiB Unity multibox script?very nice work bud =D
I can not enter into my old nano corp after transver back to red srvermy corp on red seems to have vanished completely and the alts I left in the corp are now all privateers? Wheres my garrison gone period? My corp on green is still intact and alts in place
OZZYS NEW GAME PLS READPsy's main concerned that ron may lead to the decline of tib, I don't see it happening though all games have a shelf life nothing lasts forever but I don't think its gonna be ron that kill
New Invasion UnitsI like it! it sounds like the sort of thing that once more people discover its location would attract more players to it generating more pvp opportunities, make them have a limited lifespa
Any interest in a TiB Unity multibox script?35% per example means your cpu running at over 200% lol id make a suggestion that would be handy, to be able to select how many examples you wanna open and have them automatically scale to
Server Transfers Openyou have swag on one hand begging to go back to red and on the other deebo saying only the pussies want to transfer from grey lol highly entertaining considering they both leads in the sam
forum reliabilty issueits perfectly fine again today for was just for a period of a few hours yesterday and only with this site, but for what its worth im using internet explorer 11 fully up to date on windows
forum reliabilty issuesuccessful after trying to load the forum 20 times and hitting refresh till you wanna smash your crap up lol no issue with any other website whatsoever, definitely an issue with the server
forum reliabilty issueI was trying to write a light hearted reply to a thread specifically the lore one that I was really enjoying but having typed up my extensive contribution the bloody forum failed to load f
GearmancerI hope this rings of night isn't gonna be too entertaining don't want people drawn away from tib and spending there time playing this instead lol
Tib needs loreDeveloper's Lore Note Earth's primary export to the stars comes in the form of Colonists. On Earth, everyone above the age of 50 wins a fabulous vacation on the Star Cruises galactic