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The Heteroclite KingWill this be one ship fielded by a Corp at a time or that each ship in a corporation has that corporations name stamped on it in the garage and if one is already logged in then it couldn'
Remove Alliance and Add FactionSeems like you have some good ideas in place that I know have worked in other games like Eve online. I support the changes and look forward to testing them.
Alliance and corp sizesDAOC was imo the best pvp system of any mmo and it involved a 3 faction population as well. I know I speak with most of us in gold when I say we don't want to just assimilate into unity al
The Infinite Black Expansion!I think your missing my point here, I'm not entitled, I started this game 7 months ago and I know I'm definitely on a fast track and will be where I need to be relatively quickly to hold m
The Infinite Black Expansion!Gold and Unity are almost 2 different games as far as rule sets go, you can't apply something difficult for the "current highest level ships" to gold and expect anyone to ever be able to r
The Infinite Black Expansion!I understand this distant carrot for Unity due to server age but how will this translate on gold being years behind? Are we looking at those years on top of progression time before we will
Sale of dead accounts gearOh man the liability on that would be huge. One charge-back on a purchased account would blow that out the window. Additionally that sets them up to be a real gambling game with a cash out
Idea for new player retention and "safer" game playI definitely don't want to see botting beginning in this game so I understand the points you are bringing up. I think you guys are hitting the nail on the head though with the Tib1 Kicksta
Idea for new player retention and "safer" game playI think I there are many good ideas that have been provided, just up to the development gods to flesh them out if they so choose. My intention with this idea wasn't to hand hold for people
KILL OG CLIENTSI'm curious what that chart would look like if it were only single IP addresses and not people with many alts
Idea for new player retention and "safer" game playTalking in Kak I had an idea to share with you guys that would apply to new players. This would be a small purchase buff that would deter more experienced players from hunting new players,
special events threadI don't main a tech, buuuut I think they could use some love. Maybe double bonuses for techs and damage reduction removal for a weekend? >:). Would be cool to see some real bfg techs co
A special event isnt special anymoreyou are the minority, most of us are really enjoying this and it is getting a lot of content for everybody at least on gold server. Will continue to eat these cookies as long as they are f
The Game is Dead...Soooo, Twitch developer stream? :)
The Game is Dead...I definitely agree with your perspectives on adding new content, however I don't believe the game is dead either. This extended event we have had has definitely showed what bigger incentiv