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HUP ruined this gameSeriously hooman. I asked for help. You assholes just laughed and redoubled your efforts to ruin our guild.
GH guard system favors end game playersYeah they log in. But why? It's not like they do anything. It's not like they could even be f***** to give some minor adjustments to the quests for Christmas, or New Year's, Valentine's
Guild Halls need to be defendableWe had all of those things hooman. We gave out Fighters, we taught players how to play, we crafted gear for new players. we did everything we could to keep our new players playing. But
My top requestsHooman. Fuck you. My tone and words were created by you assholes. Sorry I lost my cool after months of being assaulted by you assholes If you want me to be reasonable, maybe you sho
HUP ruined this gameThe other guilds with one player defend and work together? Fuck you hooman. We had a great guild that was growing and teaching. You fucksticks ruined that. Sorry you can't accept
HUP ruined this gameThe guild HUP is run by inhuman assholes who take particular pleasure in ruining the game for anyone that happens to be in KRAZY guild. They pretend they are just playing the game and i
My top requestsLogging on AND PLAYING THE GAME. The issue isn't logging on, the issue is being denied access to nodes, relics or even the guild perks that we paid for. That's the issue Just some c
Changes before tibXYour inability to not constantly harass our guild is the root of my issue. That's all. But thanks for demonstrating your bully ways in this forum.
Pure squads....Yup. Can't play the game so.... You made this. Don't blame me.
Guild Halls need to be defendableBullies. As you can see here they are allowed to dictate the terms under which other players are allowed to play. They decide what content is available. They are allowed to decide how o
My top requestsYes aceman. Try to think like a casual player who just wants to logon and play a few hours. That's fucking hilarious, when you are the very same asshole that won't allow me to do so.
GH guard system favors end game playersBump all you like. Devs have stopped even pretending they care about dire.
Guild Hall DefenseGuild hall defense. What a joke. If you're not top guild there is no defense.
Changes before tibXYes uber easy. Lmao. That's why your crafters made a sleeping of lvl 11 stuff... Because it was so easy. Hup. Home of liars and bullies.
Pure squads....Yeah most rpgs already have something like this. Imo if you want a feature, find a game that has it and play that. Or spend your time waiting for the mods to give a shit about this game