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How to get test and play this game?thank you.
How to get test and play this game?Would the beta or release version be restricted to one account per device? I'll need to choose carefully as I use my phone whilst mobile or my tablet whilst at home. thanks.
Invasions spawning in your sectorupdate: I just had a brief chat with the principle scientist at LIGO and he has confirmed that there were no detectable gravitational-wave-influenced time-dilation events to disturb my
Invasions spawning in your sectorthe above scenario doesn't fit with happened to me last night. I was in sector 8/18/21. I jumped to the only other possible sector 8/19/22. I then jumped back to 8/18/21 when, an
Technician and stuntechnician ungrapple splash is essential at high uni. it stabilises the stack and allows you enough time to slaughter npc without being dragged left, right and's also fun in ungr
xxx gearwe farm u9 without rank xxx gear or a full crew. tbh most of our guns aren't even xx. I doubt u10 will require rank xxx either without making it too easy.
PvP Loggingwould be interesting to find out what percentage dc's occurred immediately after a pvp contact. we already know who the regulars are :)
Translucent name plates and coin timer.yeah good idea would be very useful to see to the right when on a phone, or possibly the option to offset the ship's centre-point to the left, maybe. I wouldn't want a coin timer in-co
levelling rewards post-transcendencethanks for the clarification, guys. much appreciated.
levelling rewards post-transcendencehello spellbook, there are a variety of opinions in-game of how the levelling rewards work once we have left our mortal coil. would you please be able to explain how it actually works
Invasions spawning in your sectorjust a post to say it's happened to me a couple of times now; I was initially skeptical due to it not happening to me for the first year. I just wish i'd recorded it to help inform you.
Transcendence Rebornsuperb news, indeed! cheers spellboook :)
trancend changesthen maybe level 75 could be the new level 100 instead? gawd knows how we gonna do uni 10...
trancend changesIf it was implemented (which I hope), would it be a mandatory extra ep given at level 50 (1.2m xp) and there still be an optional transcendence at level 100 (nearly 4m xp later)?
Deflectors and NPCs