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Gear Database Link?Does anyone have a link or archive file of the gear database? I'm talking about the actual spreadsheets for weapons, storages, harvesters, etc. There used to be a link but I can no longer
Is anyone serious about new player retention?The comments regarding user interface are dead on. It sounds like Spellbook is already planning on rectifying this to some degree in TIB-X. I'm not suggesting we "coddle" newcomers, bu
Alliance and corp sizes1 on a game backstory (you know me. ;) ...and I think 3 would be perfect....but that's just my gut speaking
New Player PvP incentives/disincentives...I like this idea better than my original post. :)
New Player PvP incentives/disincentivesThis new expansion might offer some good opportunities to address keeping new players in the game along with a robust veteran player base. I'm wondering if a "neutral" incentive to no
Forum Downsizing?I've noticed this too. Also odd things like a thread displaying more unread comments than it actually has. Is the forum engine O.K?
NEW MECHANICSHow about taking it a step further (or have an alternate "type" of cloud). Other ships "in the cloud" *may or may not* be detectable even in your sector...when in the same sector, enemi
New Ship OutfitterWhat a splendid tool, Kieran! It's *much* easier and quicker to weigh potential gear choices routes with this--I expect I'll use it often.
The Tales of Gabrielle RemyReserved for PART III
The Tales of Gabrielle RemyReserved for PART II
The Tales of Gabrielle RemyPART I - REUNIFICATION "BEEP!....BEEP!" "BEEP!....BEEP!" He awoke to the lumpy rhythmic beeping of a heart monitor. Opening his eyes to cloud of white, he could make out a darker shape
Submissions Request: The Infinite Black NovelsJust a brief note about one of the older Corporations: I have a bit more history in very rough form (mostly just notes I've com
Roll CallI was actually born in Longview--though I don't remember it. :/ Living near Boise, Idaho now.
Holiday Book Drawing!I'm in! Best of luck, all! (red server)
help the noobsSeems I remember the grey level cap was to foil scripting exploits in grey...but that was awhile ago so I may not be recalling right. The cap started out at lvl 10 and then Ozy bumped it