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Deflector Specialso other than two ep at ulti, whats the real point of augmenting past unc since an unc deflector defeats an ulti beam?
Transfers between serversSame..if green was its own id transfer all ships over...Red is not a bad server to be on..but i like the quiet and prefer invasions over anything else
Noob to the benefits/weaknesses of mergeAfter 3-4 years playing, I personally prefer the Pve aspect over pvp..Hence why i make red my home.Carrier speed doesnt really matter to me though 2.5 is something i am use to..i have trie
Your first corpTICTAC...thats all
Tell us something goodOne thing. I liked about RoN the few hours I played it was the different types or NPCs runing around eath with their own power like queens being able to deflect damage..don't mind seeing
Gear Leaving Grey...Still qqing...what's wrong with you typing :transfer confirm or whatever the command is to Jump to another server, buying gear, wait for the ole reset and jumping back? Just saying...we OK
Gear Leaving Grey...Not everyone's...some people who never transfered have great gear on...and then you have those who transfered back and or from one to another..
Gear Leaving Grey...So forcing people to one server is not going to make players quit? If that was the case it should of been done , in my mind when grey opened..but look how that turned out .peeps stayed on
Gear Leaving Grey...What's stopping warp from transferring to the old servers and joining them? Curios..one can transfer to an old server..farm it up..buy what ever gear you can get your hands on..then transf
My idea to try and mimimse farmer gankingOther ways to mitigate what you mentioned in your first paragraph.. Smash their cluster..they hide? OK I'll take the fleet and smash your garrisons all because you took down a few of our f
My idea to try and mimimse farmer gankingThe simple solution to "ganking": hunt the hunters..fleet up and overpower that group that is out targeting farmers...pvo right? Big fleet jumped your famers? get your self an even bigger
My idea to try and mimimse farmer ganking1 Reason im still playing..the ability to run my own fleet has kept me playing.
My idea to try and mimimse farmer gankingSounds to me like a trophy for everyone..no need to work cause you win either way
Rogue Week (AKA Shark Week)Like a small farmer not following the basic rules of not farming the border alone, and ending up at earth because he ran into a mb fleet.
New Cp Calculation-1 to the Op...